Update March 8, 2020

Jamie Powers

The lilacs are coming, the lilacs are coming!

Happiness is...

Uncovering the lilacs, and tipping them up and seeing that they look great.

We had a little setback over the winter.  The west wind has been roaring through here at times.  Most of the ground cover fabric that we laid so beautifully last year over the new gravel blew off several times.  We got it tacked down again yesterday and today.  It will never look as nice as it did at first, but it's done.

So, today, we were finally able to start up-righting the plants!  Everything looks good and as soon as we can get them set out in the sales area so I can take inventory, we should be able to start shipping.  This probably doesn't look like much to anyone but me, but I'm satisfied with the past two days of work.

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