Bare root lilacs, one-gallon size, prices starting at $16.97, plus shipping. NY residents add sales tax.


Due to increased costs associated with shipping and the time required to package orders, we have established a 25% flat shipping fee for all orders over $100. Orders up to $50 ship for $20, and orders of $50.01 to $100 ship for $25.

We do not ship to California or outside the U.S.


We pack on the weekends. Orders are usually shipped Mondays and Tuesdays. Most orders are shipped via UPS. We will use USPS if it will get there a day sooner. If you are ordering on Saturday or Sunday, it is most likely that your order will ship the following week instead, as we have already pulled the orders for packing.


Please have your planting location ready or have a place to temporarily heel in your new plants. The plants are shipped bare root, and the roots cannot be allowed to dry out after you receive the plants. Please refer to the FAQ's and the Lilac Care sections for more information.


Our plants are guaranteed to be healthy and pest-free when they arrive at your location. After that, it's up to you! Please plant promptly in a full-sun location with well-drained soil or pot up until you are ready to plant. Water in well, but do not drown the plant or let it sit in a puddle. Lilacs do not like wet feet. Please email us if you have questions that aren't answered on the website.