The first blooms of 2017 - <span class='latin_name'>Syringa x hyacinthiflora</span> ‘Asessippi’

OK, I know that the ‘About Us’ section is supposed to be catchy and fascinating and compelling, and to present my unique selling proposition, create a fabulous brand, and a sense of urgency, and to convince you to buy from me instead of at Home Depot or Lowe's or your local garden center. But seriously? I propagate, grow and sell lilacs. I have a nice variety of cultivars and reasonable prices. You deal directly with me, the owner and grower. I make mistakes sometimes, some of the plants die or the deer prune them for me, but every year it gets better. I want my customers to be happy and I will do everything I can to make sure you will buy more lilacs from me or refer me to your friends and family. That's it! Nothing very fancy.

Lilacs – all lined up and ready for customers! (Kikko’s chicken is not for sale)

I enjoy gardening. Spring is my favorite time of year. I work at a bank and enjoy knocking around on my property in my limited free time trying to make it look nicer. In 2009 I stumbled upon an interesting website that shows people how they can easily root plants from cuttings, grow them a bit, and sell them. Hmmmm, maybe I can do this, I thought. And after a few fits, starts, and missteps, Hope Springs Nursery was born. I love fragrant flowers. I don't even remember how the decision to focus on lilacs happened! But here I am in 2017, hoping that you’ll take a look around and pick up a lilac or two. If you’re looking for something you don’t see, or you have any questions, please email me. I am at work during the day Monday-Friday but will generally get back to you the same evening. The nursery is open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4. Please come and see my new lilac display garden with about 80 cultivars to enjoy. I’m the one working outside in the purple T-shirt.