The dog days of summer are upon us already! August 2020

Jamie Powers

After a dismal, discouraging, disheartening spring with unseasonable cold, frosts and snow in April and May which resulted in severe damage to many of the plants, not to mention the CO-VID situation, and shipping delays, I'm proud to say that I've bounced back pretty well.  The plants look great in the new potting mix I switched to in March.  My first-time collaboration with another lilac colleague to take cuttings from her plants didn't go as well as I hoped this summer due to the learning curve with the new fogging system and the electronic leaf, but I did get some of them to root and we're very optimistic about next year.  In a couple of years we both will have more rare varieties to offer in very limited quantities, like 'Hugo Koster', 'Joan Dunbar', 'Ruhm von Horstenstein', 'Paul Hariot', 'P.P. Konchalovsky', and 'Azurea Plena', to name a few.  So I keep plugging along with my dream to make more lilac varieties readily available to the public.  Wish me luck!  And buy a lilac!  

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