The Big Reveal - March 17, 2018

Jamie Powers
We finally were able to uncover the plants today.  We got the plastic off, moved the lumber out of the sales area, broke up layers of ice so we could traverse the area more easily, tacked down some loose ground cover fabric, and started planning the next escapade.  Which is:  Chuck is coming in to fix the irrigation lines and add a new one, then will be dumping a ton of gravel, which then will be covered with new ground cloth.  The whole area is lumpy and bumpy and very soggy and I can't stand it any more.  Time for an upgrade!  It's going to be a ton of work, as we have to move all these plants, the "pot corral", and all the supplies that we keep along the stone wall.  The area is about 100' x 120', so it's a big job!  This weekend, we will begin assembly on the new 10' x 36' greenhouse.  A loud shout-out to my brother Bill who will be coming up from Florida to give me a hand for a few days (thank goodness).  But the plants for sale, the stock plants, and the rooted cuttings are now out and can be moved to the new and improved sale location, fertilized, and price stamped once the upgrade is finished.  Hopefully we'll be ready to open by April 6 or April 13!  Today really was the first day we've been able to do anything productive out there, so thanks for your patience!  See the "before" and "after" shots, and say hello to Mika, the newest member of the gang.

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