Clean-up day 3/21/21. Man, I’m beat after 4 hours out in the fresh air.

Jamie Powers

What a beautiful day.  We cleaned up the snow fence and leaves, got the riding mower and carts out of the collapsed portable garage, moved the two blocks of stock plants and got the leaves out of the pots, and sprayed Liquid Fence since those cute deer have been nibbling. 🤬  Next week we have to replace the garage since it collapsed during the last snowstorm.  The fun never ends here...

I’ve been laminating new signs since the ones from two years ago are pretty faded now.  So I got the ones that are finished into the sign holders and have more cutting and laminating to do tonight - if I last that long.  I tried to rake up under the oak tree, because I have some wildflower seeds that the crematorium sent with Pogo, Itty Bitty and Pooh Baby.  But the ground is still too wet.  Maybe next weekend.  

I'm so grateful to Mark and Julio for returning for another season of torture!  I couldn’t do it without them.

By the way, the plants look pretty good so far.

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